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Remove background from photos, images and pictures fast and inexpensive job. We do photo background removal to images, pictures & photographs.Object Removing is a technique where you can remove undesirable elements in an image. It’s clearly says any removal of an object, element or people from an image what is either considered unwanted or surplus anyway.

Clipping Path Point (CPP) is a professional graphics design and image editing outsourcing company to provide the quality object removing service, removal or replacement of unwanted objects, persons or details in your photos. We have the best imagination that your image or photo may have contained with some unwanted objects that you want to eradicate.

Our professionals are well-conversant with the following tools and techniques of image background removal:
1. Using Background Eraser Tool to remove photo background
2. Using Channel Mask to remove background of an image
3. Removing background with Magnetic Lasso Tool
4. Removing background with Pen Tool
5. Color Path or Multiple Clipping Paths

Background removal service is one of the very useful services to the changing global trends. Our commitment to quality has enabled our international clients to have long standing relations with the company.

Clipping Masking


We use drop shadow under the image that could be in right or left side possibly depend on the image dimension. And dimension is very important fact for drop shadow. Once drop-shading service is applied to the image and then the image and the design look more fabulous. Our outstanding Image Shadowing encompasses natural shadow, drop shadow and reflection shadow. Image shadowing imparts a dimension to flat images that fashion them alive, vibrant and intact. In the pitch of web media, advertisement media, online marketing, product photography and promotion and any other visual presentation – image shadowing as image editing is deemed the nuts and bolts.

We are proud of being team member of Clipping Path Outsource that we have years of experience in this regards as a result many European design professional people like our shading as well as other services, clipping path service, image masking service, image retouching service, image manipulation service, image reflection service, image enhancement service, image editing service, raster to vector service.

A good quality drop shadow is characterized with a smooth texture and the ability of the visual to look authentic. Since this effect needs to be raised above the background, it is imperative that the background has the right canvas- hence, the need to change the setting to suit the feature.

Clipping Masking


Photo Retouching is an excellent technique that helps you to finally touch specific undesirable factor into your image. You can easily adjust any object or element and even a human figure or all forms of surplus elements neatly using the Photoshop pen tool with Clipping Path service as the term clearly dictates its function.Over all progress has done, but Photo Retouching is the final step to enhancing the image or image frame greater than normal one.

Photoshop Retouching Service entails a few mini amenities too. To process pictures with high end retouching, it is best to discern how we work. The amenities include clipping path, image shading or stitching, vectorization, editing and enhancement. We cater to professional photographers; ad agencies, print media and web developers who need this specialized service on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact that professional shutterbugs cannot capture all the required elements in a snap. Hence they adopt the fair practice of retouching or manipulation.

Not only the statistic technique of image manipulation, bout a vaster activity to give your product images fresh, nice and creative look.

Photo Retouching usages:
1. Removes unwanted object from a photo.
2. Add a suitable object into a photo.
3. Makes creative look on the photo frame.
4. Restore the images for future.
5. Final process of Image Manipulation

Our skilled agents have 4 years of experience with this specific administration and on the grounds that Clipping Path Point is an outsourcing realistic studio, we can give this at a division of the expense accessible in Europe and America. Mirror image reflection can make your products more attractive.

Clipping Masking


The need for photo masking service arises when the main subject in the photo frame is surrounded by a legion of unwanted objects. This calls for a professional approach to understand the complexities and method of applying this feature. Image Masking is one of our top notch services that are dissected into layer masking, alpha masking, transparent and translucent masking. Now give your image a perfect edge by Image masking service technique or transparent and translucent masking and more. Clippingpathpoint has a dedicated team that has adapted their skills to produce high quality results.

Usefulness of Layer Mask:
1. Hide or Show special parts of the image
2. Modify and fully restore the images in future
3. Save your time to Mask an image
4. Gives muchcleaner and well defined image

Soft Mask
Soft mask or Alpha Channel Masking is a Raster Masking primarily in Adobe Photoshop that requires Photoshop Masking techniques with CMYK, RGB, and various other custom channels. Channel masking is the best known way to accomplish clipping path/silhouette for sophisticated images.

Layer Masking
Layer mask is composed of black and white areas and this simply says whether parts (pixels) are visible or not. Any part of the mask what is white will reveal the layer and any part of the layer what is black will hide the layer. Layer Masking is also key solution for creating multi-layered montages and composite images. Photoshop Layer Mask becomes handy when clipping path alone is not appropriate on compound images such as hair, fur, semi transparent or translucent images.

Our Masking Service includes
1. Flat rate pricing for any complexity
2. Ideal for retaining fine details (eg. hair or fur)
3. Preferred method for people or animal images
4. Great for creating masks for colour correction or a retouch

Why your choose us for Image Masking
1. Image Masking our special service
2. We make this by aexperienced team
3. All the designers are very experienced
4. They make Image Masking professionally
5. We also offer Layer Mask,Vector Mask and Alpha Channel Mask
6. We offer economical price
7. They make Image Masking professionally
8. We provide our services in time limit

So don’t be late to contact us or request a quotation. We can make a replay of your massage within one hour.

Clipping Masking


Clipping Path Point (CPP) image enhancement experts are knowledgeable and expert in making wonders come true when it comes to improving the overall quality of your photos.We have a strong experience in fashion, ecommerce retouching. Whether you are an ebay seller looking for the perfect image to increase your sales or a photographer looking to improve portraits, expertwebwork is you right partner when it comes to photo retouching.

Do you want to :
1. Turn your model into the most attractive one.
2. Position someone in a special background.
3. get your teeth whiten in order to spark.
4. Clean all your old family portraits and keep the great souvenirs of grandpa and grandma. or
5. Still get the best out of a cloudy and rainy holidays with your dear ones
Do not hesitate to get into contact with us now. You are exectly in right site

Clipping Masking
Why Choose Us :
We are an offshore company with a highly skilled design team offering the best Photoshop services such as clipping, masking, retouching, restoration, conversion, and manipulation of images.