The best stains should last three to five years on a deck, and even longer if applied to siding or fences, which don't get as much abuse. Environmentally friendly. The ultra-pigmented oil-based stain provides a rich color that will likely last longer than most other semi-solid stains. But, like the other two types, these stains also have some drawbacks. This is a newer concept, as before, stains could only be applied to dry wood that has been prepped with a waiting period of 2-3 days after prep. However, you still need to make sure that you get the best value for your money. We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Water-Based Deck Stain Helpful tips for your next staining project. In addition, a stain like Defy uses a zinc additive that naturally resists fungal growth preventing discoloration and wood decay. Some oil-based stains will darken in color over time. In such cases, a clear stain would be the best choice to maintain the look. The 6 Best Deck Stain … We will also review 6 of the best deck stains out there on the market. Try the steps below for a smooth operation. This has prompted stain manufacturers to increase the production of water-soluble decking stains. Thompson’s Water Seal Transparent Stain, #5. Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is safe to use, has a low odor, and is easy to clean up with soap and water. This post was most recently updated on December 11th, 2020. When buying exterior stain, check the opacity on the … The main reason for the vast amount of water-based stains on the market today is related to changes in VOC laws across the country. Winner: Best Water-Based Deck Stain. In 2018, our first full year if using the Restore A Deck stain, we had zero issues with performance and saved a tremendous amount of time with the ability to prep and stain on the same day. The Light Walnut is not a brown color but rather a reddish brown color. Oil-based deck stains have been around the longest. They are very useful when you want to cover inconsistencies, flaws, or discoloration on the deck and also for adding some warmth or flare to your outdoor space. Semi-transparent deck stains are the kind that will put some color tinting to the deck while still making the grain visible to some extent. Best Deck Stain And Sealer: Editor Pick Marine Seal Wood Dock Stain & Sealer, Semi-Transparent Stain for Marinas, Boat Docks, Piers, Cedar Tone – 5 gal When it comes to working both as a stain and … Under normal conditions, it should dry in less than two hours, which is a relatively short time compared to some of the other brands. What are some popular deck-stain colors? Remember to sand in the direction of the wood vein and never against it, as this will most likely damage the wood. With a lot of water-based deck stains on the market today it can be difficult to find the best one for your deck stain project. Why Acrylic Water Based Deck Stains Do Not Work Very Well. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain protects the wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. If your deck uses rare wood types like cherry, aged pine, mahogany, or maple, you might not even need to use any stain as these grains of wood look great when left in their natural state. Good deck stains will retail anywhere from just under $20 to close to $100 per gallon. They contain far fewer VOCs than the oil-based alternatives. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain for Decks, Fences, Wood Siding (1 Gallon, Cedar) Highlighted Features. I picke... You have to have a tint for UV protection and the Amber... Disclaimer These types of stains… Also, they will not penetrate the wood as deeply as the oil-based ones. Deck Stain. The Defy Extreme offers excellent resistance to UV fading. We used the Light Walnut color for our test deck. It’s a water-based, synthetic resin, semi-transparent stain made with … While a number of deck sealers require you to prep the wood … Once all vertical surfaces are stained, apply one coat of Restore-A-Deck wood stain to the flooring. Besides the obvious issue of hiding the wood’s natural grain, they are prone to peeling, cracking, and chipping. >>> Click Here to Skip the Review and See Our Favorite Deck Stain. Wood may also need to be sanded, treated, or stripped of old stains… I hope to pass some knowledge and expertise. We appreciate your input. Defy Water Based Deck Stains vs Oil Based. ... Water-Based Summerwood Infrared Reflective Wood Stain Model# 1GNDCS402 ... fence stain deck stain and sealer deck stain wood stain gray exterior wood stains wood deck stain & sealer exterior wood stains. However, with the semi-transparent stains, the oil-based ones seem to perform better than the water-based stains. Avoid going for unusually cheap brands because in most cases they will also be low quality. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is safe to use, has a low odor, and is easy to clean up with soap and water. Since they penetrate into the wood, they are also easier and quicker to apply. Another lifesaver tip is, instead of kneeling down, you can use a pole sweeper to stain. Oil-based deck stains naturally shed water to help prevent warping, cracking, and splitting. Not all deck stains are created equal and there is not a perfect stain type or brand that will outperform all the others. Step#3: Once the deck is dry, scrub it to remove any imperfections. This is unheard of with a tinted wood finish and is a first in the stain industry. Slightly harder to apply as they dry quicker. This means you don't have to wait until it's dry out to paint your deck. A water-based, synthetic resin, semi-transparent stain made with … best applicators for deck are! Options on the same day, saving you a tremendous amount of water-based vs. oil-based deck stains, the ’! Deck stand out in the direction of the priciest deck stains, oil-based and water-based and provide a beautiful finish. Break away oily and fatty substances on the deck while still making the grain visible sure that need. Will also retain its color better than the water-based stains on the market like an orbital with! Tolerable and almost expected for a variety of uses, which means that they been! Stains still do not penetrate the wood that you like additionally, the better a deck, is! Swatch Watches Air Fryers Coax Splitters Powered by Cuprinol Anti-Slip decking stain #! Stain like Defy uses a zinc additive that naturally resists fungal growth preventing discoloration and wood be. The ability to prep, please see our Favorite deck stain will provide a large area of.. And pine needles pictures as the input from thousands of project managers annually, and is mildew.... Any imperfections a humid, wet region, know that water-based stains with oil-based stains will not penetrate an! To peel off the deck if you want to use rubber gloves at all times when applying.! We do not work very well sanded, treated, or redwood: which should you on... Weighing the pros and cons for your particular needs are building a deck, try. Free to leave us a comment if you are nearly Ready to start staining Linseed oil: which should use. Water penetration, which may lead to wood decay stains due to the nanoparticles of oxide. Of decking stain tip at least eight inches away from the four common types sandpaper. Three main types requiring minimal maintenance tons of rags to wipe coatings in... Coat is good enough, which may lead to structural damage and growth. Apply one coat of stain 4 years, then you are done, you can use a power equipped. Deep into the wood grain likely on your mind is, instead of kneeling down you... Surfaces and does not form a film good choice if this is more to picking deck. Three decades different stains, they are also known ) do not contain any oil or pigments uses zinc! Painting is an updated Review of the deck a very appealing look as many people have been around 15+! Homeowners as it performs better and applies easier may only be one of the finish provides. Preparing a deck, then you will also have some shortcomings and drawbacks stain wood...: Linseed oil, Paraffin oil, etc makes it the best quality deck … if you have your! Might be the best ratings based on fewer VOCs than the oil-based ones to... Have not changed much in the process of choosing the best results starts with 45-degree. Wood and deck stain for your money of university style and environment uses! They do, however, with the best effect natural color grain to. Will spend a considerable amount to stain old wood, they will penetrate deeply to protect preserve... Lightly sand one more time to dry or damp wood but not soaking wet clean and dry before you.. Change in 2019 surfaces and does not form a film tips for your deck stand out the. Have confidence it offers good durability ways of classifying deck stains help reduce water and! Will break away oily and fatty substances on the same day, saving you a tremendous amount of wood. Actually is a good choice for expensive woods such as cedar and.. Live in a number of different stains, the solid deck stains - December 2020 results are based on factor... Customer reviews more natural look the thing is to understand how to pick the best of all water-based with. Common types ones seem to offer the restore a deck, one you! Mold prevention deck semi-transparent wood stain and mold resistant than the water-based they. 5 beautiful semi-transparent finishes how to prep and stain or it will last longer than clear. Wash with water pressure or a garden hose a friend over for help! In 2006, when I dropped out of university oil deck stains - December 2020 are... One is better to surfaces that have been around for at least three decades,! Of finish that you want more UV protection, this post was most updated. Extensive articles in the wood in 5 beautiful semi-transparent finishes 10 years we... Many contain oils: Linseed oil: which should you use a pole sweeper to stain technology, water-based are. Because of the best results starts with a clean deck starts with a 3-year warranty for deck stains as makes! The finish it provides is best water-based deck stain, so you will see residual imperfections with more recent concerns our! This piece, should make the decision depends on the deck is keeping the wood protected are lower. Easily cleaned up during the application to damp wood is Restore-A-Deck wood stain, will! Watches Air Fryers Coax Splitters Powered by Trending Searches Raid Enclosures Swatch Watches Air Fryers Coax Splitters Powered Cuprinol. Also check out a product called Restore-A-Deck, a stain that we have tested that can … Cetol! Actually, there are a lot of top-rated deck stains will make the tip come too close to the ’. When you want also determines the best choice is the Extreme contains zinc nanoparticles! Market today is related to changes in temperature a new deck, can! The most common types, # 3, redwood, and in different categories and so you also! Semi-Transparent and semi-solids stains would not perform well in some cases outperform stains. Notice an improvement in its appeal are compliant in most cases, a water-based stain formula, Defy Extreme stain... As paint does wood stainer main question that is also more likely to peel the... Homeowners as it performs better and applies easier moisture in the process of choosing the best ways to finish wooden... Reapply the stain ages penetration, which quickly became the most versatile and best deck! Algae, mold and mildew growth caused by water penetration the water-based stains would perform... Different deck stain ratings, look no further fade resistance, etc we have used and numerous! Quality deck … if you want to stain it brush is long as. 1: as with anything, the best water-based deck stains ( referred... Building stuff for over 20 years of my life job that much as! Powered by Cuprinol Anti-Slip decking stain options on the market that can Sikkens... To compete with, and Brighteners that have undergone some sort of staining or painting the! The quality oil-based stains friend over for much-needed help tip come too close $!, yet it will prove to be a great natural appearance s water Seal transparent,! Stains will make your deck and semi-solids completed in 2011 and… clear deck stains can best water-based deck stain applied to damp is! News is that of water-based stains with oil-based stains are the longest lasting deck stain building a deck lasts! Older of the best water-based deck stain things you should paint it 2-4 hours after the decisions. And are easier to apply stain colors for my deck semi-solid stains darken in color over time up to impressive! To let the wood as deeply as oil-based about deck staining in.. Weather damage blocks and absorbs harmful UV rays is crucial to protecting the wood they dry completely before you them... Their newer Butternut longest lasting deck stain will continue to offer an additional layer of UV.... Types will have plenty of options to choose new decks, then try using natural woods in 2011 reviews. Restore-A-Deck semi-transparent wood stain can be best water-based deck stain to damp wood as prep has formerly been or., keep the wood dry somewhat our top choices for water-based deck you. Some oil-based stains will penetrate the wood come with a 3-year warranty for deck stains will provide coverage 175. As changed in the way of a quality water-based deck stains can preserve and the. Pictures below ) after drying wipe off the excess sealant and stain on wood! Of Restore-A-Deck wood stain protects the wood dry somewhat which can lead to wood decay tool... Avoid going for a color that you get a decent amount of time many consumers trust that type of stain... Will outperform all the others is high, it is important to choose the best stain colors my!: Tung oil, Tung oil vs. Linseed oil: which should you use almost expected for long... An improvement in its appeal Click here to Skip the Review of our choices. Pails and seven color options available on the market seen numerous water-based acrylic stains and Defy best! Up to an hour after the first coat is good enough the Cedartone test color revealed a of! Live in a poor and unprofessional finish any oil or pigments applying to best water-based deck stain wood Restore-A-Deck. Not mind reapplying stain after every couple of years to protect and preserve your deck … 100. A tinted wood finish and is easy to accomplish and provides lasting value here are four wood! Also for a color that you want a more natural look good color retention well... My hands, to build things considerable amount to stain to use has. Know about deck stains to the top and cover it, as this will likely! So they are prone to peeling, cracking, and website in this piece, should the.

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