Micro Credit Solution Macros

The aim of microcredit and thus of this project is to make the customers responsible for their small amount loans, to develop business entrepreneurship. Microcredit helps them become self-sufficient enough to ensure their project's viability in the long run.

With iSoftware Microcredit solutions, you are not limited in terms of clients, branches or data volume. You can easily add new agencies; create your own products & services without any limitation. You can make your products evolve quickly to adapt to your clients, your competitors and the market trends.

Micro Credit Solution
Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS Bistro

The complete Restaurant Management System from iSoftware Limited. Our iSoftware Bistro is your one stop solution to all your restaurant needs. Right from table reservation to that incoming takeaway order and everything in between, our iSoftware Bistro application helps to manage your restaurant activities with the help of a few clicks. Connect your kitchen, your lobby, your bar and your cash till with our iSoftware Bistro and oversee all the activities from one place... Read more

Retail Shop Management RSM

Point of sale (POS) or checkout is the location where a transaction occurs in exchange for goods or services. The point of sale often refers to the physical electronic cash register or dedicated POS hardware (or "terminal") used for checkout, but the POS is simply the location where the sale is conducted, money changes hands and a receipt is given, which can also occur on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or mobile POS device when the right hardware and POS software is combined with the mobile device.

Our POS system is your one stop solution to all your retail shop needs. Our POS application helps to manage your retail activities with the help of a few clicks...Read more

Retail Shop Management
Food Online Solution

Food Online Solution

Create your own food delivery portal, let restaurants sign up, upload their menus.

The possibility to order menu-food online and by providing the all with a powerful, effective order online system and online food/restaurant menu

The system make multi orders to different restaurants at the same time possible, send out to all out the...Read more

Menu Online Solution

MenuOnline solution is for individual restaurants that want to add online food ordering service to their website. MenuOnline gives you the ability to add your restaurant’s menu, choose delivery areas and publish menu online for customers order using creditcard and cash on delivery.

The website framework is also compatible with a small desktop based software which allows the order to be printed automatically when a customer order online using the website. A thermal printer needs to be there on the restaurants (requires a computer and internet connectivity)...Read more

Menu Online Solution
iCampus Solutions

iCampus Solutions

iCampus solutions used by several educational institutions in Bangladesh for managing students, teachers, employees, courses, batches, library, hostel, fees online. it has access for student, teacher, parents, admin and office/school stuffs with different credentials.

Real Estate Management

PayPal integraration
You can charge your users for posting the properties into directory. Right now is included only “Pay Per Post” functionality.

Flat, modern and clean design
Reasonable use of UI elements and whitespace.

100% Fully Responsive
There is no limitation in viewing Realia on any popular device. Realia is fully responsive from small smartphone screen to big desktop monitors....

Real Estate Management
Hospital Management

iMedic Hospital Management

iMedic hospital management is a complete EPR solution for hospitals and clinics. iMedic has all the major features like patient management, doctor management, appointment schedular, nurse management and allocation, bed management and allocation, time scheduler, noticeboard module, drug store management, inventory control, accounting and finance section with invoice etc.

Several clinics using iMedic solution in Bangladesh.

Products :
"Macros" - Hosted Model Micro Credit Management Solution, "Bistro" - The complete Restaurant Management System, "Food Online Solution" - Your own food delivery portal, "Menu Online Solution" -Online solution is for individual restaurants