While rapid technological developments have provided vast areas of new opportunity and potential sources of efficiency for organizations of all sizes, these new technologies have also brought unprecedented threats with them. Cyber security – defined as the protection of systems, networks and data in cyberspace – is a critical issue for all businesses. Cyber security will only become more important as more devices, ‘the internet of things’, become connected to the internet.

Foundation course :
Our Foundation training course provides baseline knowledge for IT service management best practices: how to reduce costs, increase enhancements in processes, improve IT productivity and overall customer satisfaction

Fundamentals :
This course covers the fundamentals of computer technology, basic networking, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware.

General security course :
General security concepts, basics of cryptography, communications security and operational and organizational security. With the increase of major security breaches that are occurring, security experts are needed now more than ever

Social Engineering and Manipulation :
Self-paced Social Engineering and Manipulation training class, you will learn how some of the most elegant social engineering attacks take place. Learn to perform these scenarios and what is done during each step of the attack.

Project Management Professional (PMP) :
Our free online PMP training course educates on how to initiate, plan and manage a project, as well as the process behind analyzing risk, monitoring and controlling project contracts and how to develop schedules and budgets. ⇒ increase your site's visibility in Google
⇒ Configure and apply BIOS Settings
⇒ Differentiate Between Motherboards
⇒ Compare and Contrast RAM
⇒ Install and Configure Expansion Cards
⇒ Install and Configure Storage Devices
⇒ Differentiate CPU Types
⇒ Compare Connection Interfaces
⇒ Install Appropriate Power Supply
⇒ Custom Configurations
⇒ Evaluate Display Devices
⇒ Identify Connectors & Cables
⇒ Install Peripheral Devices
⇒ Network Cables and Connectors
⇒ Characteristics or Connectors / Cables
⇒ Common TCP and UDP
⇒ Wireless Standards / Encryption
⇒ Install and Configure a SOHO Router
⇒ Internet Connection Types / Features
⇒ Identify Network Types
⇒ Compare Network Devices
⇒ Use Appropriate Networking Tools
⇒ Laptop Hardware and Components
⇒ Compare Laptop Display Types
⇒ Compare Laptop Features
⇒ Printer Imaging Processes
⇒ Install / Configure Printers
⇒ Printer Maintenance
⇒ Appropriate Safety Procedures
⇒ Environmental Impacts / Controls
⇒ Communication & Professionalism
⇒ Dealing with Prohibited Content

Events :
দূরশিক্ষণ কার্যক্রম বাংলাদেশে কার্যকর ও জনপ্রিয় করতে বদরুল এইচ খানের খান’স ই-লার্নিং চেকলিস্ট বইটি বাংলা ভাষায় অনুবাদ করেছে অ্যাকসেস টু ইনফরমেশন (এটুআই) কর্মসূচি। বাংলায় অনূদিত বইটির নাম দেওয়া হয়েছে ই-লার্নিং: উন্মুক্ত শিখন পরিবেশ। গতকাল সোমবার প্রধানমন্ত্রীর কার্যালয়ের এসএসএফ ব্রিফিং কক্ষে বইটির মোড়ক উন্মোচন করা হয়।